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BrightDrop teams up with Moving Brands & WIZZ to tell inspiring new brand story in animated film

BrightDrop is a new business from General Motors that’s reimagining commercial delivery by creating fully electric delivery products and proprietary software.

BrightDrop invited Moving Brands to help create a film to tell a new brand story in a compelling way. It needed to go beyond being just another product showcase, it needed to communicate BrightDrop's role in the world in a way that set them apart from the competition.

We explored the many meanings of the word “delivery”—evocative of connection, wellbeing, security, and progress, and showcased how BrightDrop are a part of our world, connecting people, and playing a key role in the journey of life.

The stop-motion film we created is like little else in its category by intentionally focusing on the more relatably human aspect of BrightDrop’s story than the more product render-led approaches more commonly used across the sector. Furthermore using stop-motion meant we could make the film in one location, using a recyclable set which minimised our carbon footprint and supported BrightDrop and Moving Brands’ commitment to sustainability.

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“Unlike most other stories in the EV space that tendto focus on the future, we chose to make a film that capturesour sense of optimism about the world we live in today. Of course, our world is not perfect, and there’s lotswe all can—and must—do to improve it. That’s exactly why BrightDrop is here—to help decarbonize last mile delivery.”


Steve Hornyak, BrightDrop CCO


Creating this film using stop-frame animation proved to be a more sustainable way to tell this story.It was all filmed in one location, which minimised any impactthat might have accrued from moving cast, crew, and kit from location to location. We were also able to recycle a significant amount of the setfrom elements used on previous shoots, and which can be used again by the team that produced the film.