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Lived in, loved in: a roadmap to redefine fashion

We partnered with Community Clothing — a lean fashion startup with limited resources, committed to changing the industry for the better — to help clarify its business model and unite its team behind it.

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Community Clothing employees

Reducing energy consumption by using downtime
According to a World Resources Institute report, 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 are released into the atmosphere every year by the fast fashion industry. Led by its founder, Patrick Grant (well known to the public as one of the judges on the BBC’s hit TV programme ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’), Community Clothing is pioneering an innovative model that reduces energy consumption by using downtime in UK factories to make its high quality, hard-wearing and affordable clothing. In doing so, it is also creating fulfilling, rewarding jobs across the UK’s textile and garment-making regions.

Ambition into action
Building on our long-established partnership with Patrick — we helped him brand his two Savile Row tailoring businesses, E Tautz and Norton & Sons — Patrick asked us to help rally his Community Clothing team behind a mutually-understood business model, and to determine ways to turn its ambition into action. 

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Devising tactics for immediate use
 We led a business design workshop, constructed to clarify Community Clothing’s business model for the team, and to discover how it might amplify what makes it distinct amongst its competitors. Through exercises in such components as price point analysis and proposition development, together we devised actionable operational and marketing tactics for immediate use.

Clear opportunities for progress
The team left the workshop fired up, and armed with clearly identified opportunities in marketing, product experience and new product ranges. With its hard-wearing, sustainably-made garments, Community Clothing has continued to offer permanence and durability in an industry of transience and waste.

Follow Patrick Grant on Instagram here.

Listen to Patrick’s podcast, discussing his ideas about the fashion industry with our CEO Mat Heinl here.

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