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Building the ‘flip’ into an ownable brand and product experience

Back in 2009, we were engaged by a fresh startup in Palo Alto. It had a compelling idea: an iPad app to aggregate your social content feeds into a beautiful, personalised magazine experience. The startup was Flipboard, and there was no doubt its concept was strong.

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Moving Brands worked as creative and design consultants to the Flipboard team to refine the product experience and build it into the brand. Thinking beyond the chiclet and page design, we integrated their DNA — the ‘flip’ — into the user experience itself. Emphasising the ‘flip’ gesture as the key method of navigating and exploring ensured it became a powerful, ownable mnemonic to evoke the brand.
We also consulted on the development of the logo, wordmark and visual language, pushing it away from the safe, standardised look that dominates startup branding. We brought the mark to life in-app and across digital platforms with the creation of the moving identity and sonic logo.

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