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Always pioneers. A brand to help businesses find the software that lets them thrive.

G2 is a global review and comparison platform for B2B software solutions. With 780,000+ real-time, unbiased (and crucially) verified user reviews, G2 helps those responsible for buying software objectively assess what is best for their business and in doing so, support their professional success. With clients including Ford, Nike and eBay — and featured in such publications as Forbes, Bloomberg and TechCrunch — G2 is the place where companies come to ‘leverage the crowd, limit the risk, and get what works’.

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‘The Yelp of software’
G2 unapologetically positions itself in opposition to competitors Gartner and Forrester, which require companies to pay to have their products reviewed. As champions of free-to-play fairness and transparency, the G2 culture is young, energetic and committed to the company’s high-growth trajectory (it has tripled in size since its founding in 2013).

Having been impressed by Moving Brands’ work with Asana, G2 approached us to help create a new brand which would fuel their ambition to make the company ‘the Yelp of software’. We had three months to define and articulate a new brand, and develop and launch a new identity.


Redefining the business
Our kickoff definition workshop in Chicago unearthed G2’s entrepreneurial spirit, innovative drive and its commitment to transparency, honesty and trustworthiness. Our brand story articulates G2’s belief that everyone in business deserves ‘an honest marketplace that’s free from biased advice, free to access and isn’t pay-to-play’. Reaching beyond this, the story captures G2’s vision to be a ‘global, social space where buyers and sellers reach their professional and personal potential’. All this is distilled into a phrase that drove the rest of our work: ‘Always pioneers’.


Simplifying the name
We encouraged the simplification of the brand name, dropping the word  ‘Crowd’, with its reference to the no-longer new idea of ‘crowd-sourcing’. The bold clarity of G2 enhances the brand’s identity and its purpose —  to help millions of businesses make better buying-decisions every month.


Precision and uplifting energy
As aspiration and energy embody G2’s spirit, we gave the brand mark uplift with a strong ‘G’ and ascending arrow. The whole system follows suit, expressing G2’s role in helping all businesses reach up towards their best potential.
The rich graphic system was complemented by a vibrant suite of colours to help present data, information and rankings with clarity and precision. This instills buyers with confidence to navigate the information with ease.

Signalling accreditation
Finally, to recognize achievements in software categories, we developed a system of badges that G2 awards to businesses and individuals for high performance, or for leading a sector.
The badges help establish a presence for the brand within the context of other websites and platforms, and underline credibility as THE place for the definitive word on selecting the best software for businesses of all scales.


Expanding the reach of the brand
Since the launch of the rebrand, G2 has expanded its business far beyond the US, identifying the top software companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as opening a new office in Bangalore, India.