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A stunning, permanent interactive exhibition

Moving Brands partnered with the leading technology company Infosys, as both creative and technology experts, to create a permanent interactive exhibition space. The ambition of the Infosys Experience Centre is to reflect the organisation’s proficiency in high-tech solutions, and provide an engaging environment for visitors to connect with and learn about its business offer.

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The strategic direction that focused all creative decisions was to ‘make the complex simple’. This desire for simplicity also dictated the technological solutions we favoured. It was important to create playful interfaces that were memorable and unique, without this being a barrier to use. We transformed the varied content; the company background, their key business themes, the case study examples and the technically heavy product offers, into succinct compelling stories.

Working within an existing spatial design scheme, we delivered numerous interactive zones where these stories were brought to life. The five zones employ a CMS for targeted messaging and ready updating, highly custom gestural interfaces and multiple user touch-screen technology, hours of bespoke animations, and a flexible tablet-led system for hosted presentations.

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