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A brand to help ISOC deliver its promise of an ‘Internet for everyone’

The Internet Society (ISOC) was founded by a small group of Internet pioneers in the early 90s, to promote the open development, evolution and global use of the Internet. The not-for-profit organisation has since grown to include hundreds of worldwide chapters, with just under 100,000 members, united by the belief that ‘the Internet is for everyone’.

The scale and geographic spread of the organisation had led to serious challenges for ISOC - siloed chapters interpreted their mission in various ways, activities were not always strategically led or measured, and although well recognised by those in the know, the organization struggled for broader awareness.  

Moving Brands was engaged by ISOC to deliver a brand strategy that would align the organisation and set a vision for the long term. We then developed a living brand identity system, engaging thousands of worldwide members to feed back and shape its development. 

We have supported the launch of the new brand at key moments: creating a living microsite that detailed the progress of the brand work, creating films to excite and galvanise members at key events, and concepting and delivering integrated communications campaigns to build awareness of ISOC at major United Nations events.


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