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A liquid-light experience, responding to sound

KEF is one of the world’s leading loudspeaker manufacturers. With a brief to simply create ‘the ultimate', Moving Brands devised and staged a product launch experience for Muon, ‘the most extraordinary loudspeaker ever conceived’, at the Salon di Mobile exhibition in Milan.

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An audio-responsive visual installation
KEF's Muon speakers are industrial designer Ross Lovegrove’s combination of a sensual yet logical organic form with state-of-the-art audio technology. For the product launch, working closely with Lovegrove to compliment his vision, we created an audio responsive visual installation - a ‘liquid light experience’, which dynamically mapped fluid behaviours, using a custom built sound-responsive visual engine.

The technology we used
The installation was created entirely in Processing, using libraries ESS, traer.physics, toxi.geom and (during debug) controlP5. The sound responsive engine used FFT analysis on the incoming audio. The space was three dimensional, with particles moving along x- and y-axes and oscillating like fluid on the z-axis. To complete the experience, a pool-of-oil effect was rendered in 2D.


Moving Brands has opened up a new world for me in creating an emotional aura around my design. It brings my work closer to the total polysensorial reaction I have been looking for and inspires in me a new way of seeing.

Ross Lovegrove, KEF

An ‘emotional aura’
For the Muon product launch at the Salon di Mobile exhibition in Milan, up against stiff opposition from some of the world’s most sophisticated products, the ‘emotional aura’ of the interactive space created an unforgettable event.