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A target-beating campaign that celebrates the joy of learning

The brainchild of Sal Khan, the non-profit Khan Academy has grown from its founder creating YouTube math tutorials for his cousins, into a world-class education platform available to anyone, anywhere. It offers over 1 billion lessons, and is used monthly by 40 million students and 2 million teachers worldwide and growing.

We were engaged to help relaunch LearnStorm, a global back-to-school campaign. With ambitious sign-up goals for the initiative, the campaign needed to engage and inspire teachers and students alike.

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Giving energy to a powerful initiative

A 6-week initiative designed to jump-start the school year, LearnStorm empowers teachers to motivate and support students, building learners’ confidence and self-esteem in the process. 

Students study subjects at their own pace, working their way through a series of research-backed activities to earn points and badges as they learn and achieve. Participating schools and classes are inspired to work together through tools that record their progress and help them to encourage one another.


Keep Going, Keep Growing

LearnStorm centers around the concept of Growth Mindset, an understanding that abilities and learning can be developed. We created a system that visualises learning in a positive way, reinforced by the tagline we defined for the campaign: Keep going, Keep growing that has become the mantra of the initiative.


Representing knowledge and growth

At the heart of the campaign we created a design language that would bring to life the Growth Mindset concept. Born from Khan Academy’s original identity, we used the leaf logo as an inspiration to build a system of tree rings as a shorthand for growth and progress. The system allowed the flexibility to build many ‘worlds’ of learning across subject matter and curriculums.


Target-beating success

The objective for 2017 was to sign-up 14,000 teachers and 500,000 students. The campaign exceed all expectations resulting in 23,000 teachers signing up - a 64% increase on target, and 975,000 students joining the initiative - an extraordinary 95% above the goal.


We continue to smile whenever we get to use the designs 
that Moving Brands created. They helped us bring to life
 a campaign that celebrated the joy of learning.

Nancy Lee

Vice President of Consumer Marketing

Khan Academy

LearnStorm 2018

The success of LearnStorm 2017 gave us the opportunity to collaborate again in 2018. We worked closely with the team to refresh the designs to coincide with a new Khan Academy brand identity while preserving recognition of the core concept from 2017.

We produced a variety of assets including an robust library of social media posts, branded banners for their social channels and updates to presentation templates. The 2018 campaign brought a freshness to the look and feel of the campaign, while building on the recognition that had been established amongst an attentive audience.

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