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Building an identity for ‘the art of fund data management’

Kneip is an asset management business that handles data through a newly consolidated platform, ensuring clients meet compliance at every stage of the fund lifecycle. 

Moving Brands partnered with Kneip to reinvigorate its visual identity system and update the website in preparation for Fund Forum in Copenhagen – an international gathering of stars and disruptors from business, investment and data science.

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Art meets data 
Kneip’s founder, Bob Kneip, is a keen collector of contemporary and pop art, and the concept that underpins the identity — curating data — paid tribute to his curator’s eye. 

The visual identity explores how Kneip enables its clients to find meaning by reorganising and recontextualising their data in the same way a curator finds new narratives in the relationships between works of art.

Curating and repurposing imagery
The visual language re-appropriates a range of eclectic imagery — from classical Greek sculptures to Victorian engravings, via graphics you might find in an instruction manual. These curious visuals, paired with bold graphic highlights, inject humour and intrigue into the Kniep aesthetic, making it ownable and atypical in the world of asset management.

Breaking the trend 
Recognising a trend amongst asset management businesses for corporate, cold and overcrowded visual identities, we developed a clean, vibrant and distinctive look and feel to cut through the crowd. 

The neon colour palette — inspired by the act of highlighting — is used in ways that draw attention to key information by directing and focusing the viewer from the big picture to the pertinent detail. This treatment, paired with distinctive typography, creates a simple system that makes every piece of communication unmistakably Kneip.

A bold digital experience
As a primary access point to the business, and a key marketing tool, the Kneip website experience needed to wholly reflect the look and feel, tone and behaviour of the refreshed brand.

The unexpected aesthetic of the visual identity allows for the introduction of surprising moments of personality, like hover-states that uncover useful nuggets of information such as coaching you how to correctly pronounce Kneip.