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The drive and conviction to become the next great storytelling company

Madefire offers its audiences experiences in reading, sharing and interacting with original and adapted content from the world’s most renowned creators of visual stories.

From its inception, we worked together to develop an instantly recognisable identity system, and a purpose that gave the brand the drive and conviction to become the next great storytelling company, taking its place alongside Netflix, Amazon and Vice.

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Propulsion first, then direction

Madefire has established itself as a potential leader in content digitisation and distribution, with brands such as Apple and DeviantArt as its champions and partners.

Foremost amongst the unique technology that gives Madefire its competitive advantage is the Motion Book, which allows people to interact with content as stories unfold on screen, though words, pictures, motion and sound.

It was this exceptional capability for growth that initiated the next phase in our partnership. This time it was not our design acumen but our business thinking that we brought to the collaboration. Having given Madefire propulsion, our task was to help it find direction.


Four distinct offers

As a single brand and business on the threshold of expansion, Madefire was confronted with rapidly multiplying offers.

The business needed clarity on what it should and, just as crucial, shouldn’t develop. We helped identify four distinct offers that had the greatest potential to drive growth: Market Place, Publisher Platform, Creative Studio and Intellectual Property Library of stories and characters owned by the studio.

This structure made clear what’s unique about Madefire – its offer across content, distribution, studio and platform (indeed, it’s the only player among its competitors that has a distinct platform offer).


The value of clear naming

With these key offers identified and clarified, we proposed the creation of a holding company (Madefire Group), which overarches both the content brand – Madefire – and the technology brand – Motion Books. By separating content and technology brands, Madefire Group is now free to pursue specific investment for each of its businesses.

The Madefire brand encompasses the company’s imaginative output, separated into Madefire Studios (creating work for clients), Madefire Originals (creating the company’s own IPs) and the Madefire app (by which customers experience Madefire Originals’ content). Because it delivers on the brand purpose to be a great storytelling company, Madefire Studios has the potential to become a multi-million dollar business.

The Motion Books brand embraces Motion Books Publishing Service (giving clients neutrally branded non-Madefire distribution for their vast variety of content), the Motion Books app (for experiencing clients’ content) and the Motion Books Tool (with which people can make their own Motion Books).


The hothouse of Madefire creativity - Motion Books Publishing Service

This offers turnkey solutions including content digitisation and design, distribution via publishers’ own app, technical support, timely sales reporting, customer database transparency, and best practise consultancy for content management and distribution.

The Service also offers an immersive experience and the chance to discover a huge variety of original and adapted content from established and upcoming storytellers and publishers. Future iterations will offer curated platforms aimed at specific audiences (such as kids) or interests (such as Sci-Fi).


Madefire Studios

The hothouse of Madefire creativity, it specialises in delivering stories involving concepts, characters and worlds that can populate games, comics, motion books and merchandise. Its creativity is not limited to any particular discipline, originating content for print, film, web – as well as the Motion Book app. Madefire Studios bring together decades of expertise at the disposal of all creators, from individuals, startups and long established publishers, studios and media organisations.


Madefire Originals

The stable for all Madefire proprietary content that could be monetised, now and in the future, through licensing across all entertainment channels and media (such as films, print books, merchandise, games and social media).