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A fluid digital presence for the leading experimentation platform

Optimizely empowers businesses to radically improve the performance of their digital experiences through real-time experimentation. We partnered closely with the Optimizely team to propel the organisation faster and further forward with a bold new brand identity and website.

With its roster of heavyweight clients rapidly expanding, Optimizely’s leadership sought to leave its startup-status brand behind and create an identity that mirrored what it had become: an enterprise-grade partner trusted by such world-renowned businesses as airlines, retail giants and financial institutions.

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A succinct declaration of belief

Our first, fundamental task was to encapsulate Optimizely’s commitment to outstripping its competitors. We created a clear and succinct declaration of belief that would form the heart of the new brand: ‘Out-experiment. Outperform’.

To bring this story to life, we built a striking visual identity system, centred on a logo that conveys the Optimizely trajectory of experimentation to implementation — and performance.


A fluid digital presence

We worked in close collaboration with the internal development team to realise the new brand across Optimizely’s website and create an experience fit for such a dynamic business. With a global asset library and interactions that guided the creation of prototypes, we created a fluid and engaging digital presence for the world's leading progressive experimentation platform.