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Positioning Spring Health as the precision mental healthcare provider with genuine humanity

Spring Health approached Moving Brands because they needed help standing out rather than being known as just another Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Their promise of proven, measurable mental health outcomes from care that is tailored to the actual needs of real people was getting lost in the weeds.

Our task was to create a consistent and unified brand, while addressing the tension between a clinical approach and a desire to be relatable and warm. We created a brand system that evokes a sense of safety, connection, and intent with a core sentiment of "precision with humanity." 

Our output included a bespoke logo with a custom wordmark and evocative symbol, a flexible library of graphic elements, and a colour palette that highlighted the story of nature-driven growth. Our new system included strategy, positioning, behaviours, tone of voice, messaging, audience profiles, and guidelines

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Spring Health logo sketches

Building trust across diverse audiences

The Spring Health rebrand presented us with a unique challenge. They needed to embody a consistent and unified front across their brand while addressing the tension between a highly clinical approach and a desire to be relatable and warm, building genuine trust across a diverse set of audiences. 

We began our process with a series of open and vulnerable conversations about mental health, and the importance of scaling access to care. We architected a collaborative approach to build their story together, which allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the brand's values and mission.

Embracing the idea that “spring" is more than just a name but a statement, we created a system that could meaningfully evoke a sense of safety, connection and intent — all underwritten by compassionate, pragmatic purpose. As we explored the space between a clinical approach and the reality that life can be messy, we arrived at a core sentiment: “precision with humanity”.

Spring Health before and after
Spring Health wheat paste mockup

Digging deep for an honest, engaging brand story

We began our output by digging into the Spring Health beyond simply a name. ‘Spring Health’ aims to communicate a bold statement and a powerful narrative. Spring Health refers not only to the season of rebirth and growth but also to a natural source of water and life itself. By exploring the multiple meanings of the word "spring," we created a rich and evocative narrative that speaks to growth, transformation, new beginnings, and purpose. The rebrand also highlights the importance of understanding and hearing the stories of those Spring Health seeks to help, and the idea of turning a new leaf became a central motif.

We worked in close collaboration with the internal team to craft a bespoke logo that combines a custom wordmark in partnership with type foundry Dalton Maag and an evocative symbol that honours the origins of the brand whilst looking to the future as the brand began a new chapter in their story.

Detailed art direction principles, a flexible library of graphic elements, and a colour palette born from the story of nature-driven growth work together to help tell an honest and engaging brand story – one that fearlessly lifts the veil on mental health and reveals how essential it is to our lives.


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