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An experience to match the world's most unique invitational event

Moving Brands joined Summit as its creative partner to design its inaugural four-day event experience in Tulum, Mexico. We created the event concept and designed the experience through an array of components, including signage, wayfinding, maps, invites, welcome packs and large experiential moments, including the main stage and DJ booth.

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A worldwide powerhouse

Summit is a global community with a difference. In the last decade, the group has grown from 19 members to a worldwide powerhouse of entrepreneurs, innovators and artists. It believes businesses and open collaboration can bring about change, and its role is to facilitate these meetings and conversations. 

Summit Series is an annual invitational event where business ideas are cultivated and enduring friendships are forged through immersive experiences, in stunning locations.

Designing for the local environment

We created a system of physical structures and graphic elements to create a continuously unfurling series of signage, wayfinding and event structures to be discovered as a visitor moves around the experience.The structures we designed were made to fit the standard size of off-the-shelf materials, to reduce waste and create an efficient fabrication process. We also reduced the impact of shipping by utilizing materials sourced locally to the event site.

Shaping the experience end-to-end

We completed the event experience with our design of invitations, welcome packs, maps and other event materials. Our work shaped the end-to-end experience and enabled the client to swiftly produce bespoke solutions — creating an event that expresses the impact of the Summit community while doing no harm to the local environment.