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Swisscom is the T.I.M.E (telecoms, IT, media and entertainment) market leader and one of the most trusted brands in Switzerland. Since winning a competitive pitch in 2007, we have developed a true partnership with Swisscom.

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In 2007 Swisscom had a broad business offering and a complex and inconsistent brand. We worked closely with the client to help define and create ‘one Swisscom’. Through the transformation they also wanted to maintain relevance and engage with customers on a more emotional level. Swisscom wanted to become more than an established brand – they wanted to become a loved brand.

With over 60% market share Swisscom is the backbone of Switzerland. They are immensely proud and patriotic of their Swissness and this was strongly expressed in the creative outcome.

Together with Swisscom, we continue to holistically shape and develop the brand, their communications and their many touchpoints, keeping the brand dynamic and maintaining relevance by bringing the brand closer to customers.

We engaged the client through workshops to co-create a new Brand Narrative – a short memorable statement that summarised the brand proposition for customers.

Swisscom’s core principles oneness, closeness, openness and simplicity led to the thought that Swisscom are like a trustworthy companion; an enabler opening up new possibilities for customers every day. We explored this narrative through characteristics that would help define the brand as a person. These informed the creative work across all elements and applications.

Through the understanding of Swisscom as a trustworthy companion, we articulated “Swisscom your life” to inspire employees and focus the brand around making customers’ lives better. We also actively helped shape Swisscom’s whole approach to Human Resources and CSR.

“Moving Brands is a highly inspiring and supportive partner to work with. Their strategic understanding and commitment to innovative design brings out the best of a brand. Working with them to evolve our brand into a living identity was one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of my career. ”

Sascha Weisshaupt: Head of Corporate Identity, Swisscom

We created a dynamic living identity that would move and act natively across all current and future touch-points

It brought the different business offerings together represented in one unified mark, or as we say – life form.
It was important that the mark was both ‘fixed’ and ‘flexible’; the hard line of the axis working with the malleable, dynamic curves. The multisensorial identity was considered from every angle, to determine how it would look, but just as importantly how it would behave. The life form is designed to respond to sound, motion, and data such as Internet traffic or customer connectivity. The brand centre was designed as a distribution point for the visual identity. It includes an asset library and brand blog among other elements. It’s a place partly open to the public, where users can download assets and read and discuss the brand. The site expressed the core principle of oneness that had framed the brand since the beginning. An internal brand film was also created to inspire people to bring the brand to life.

Moving Brands supported the launch of the brand both internally in the organisation and externally in the market. We worked closely with Swisscom to help implement the new brand across various touch points including print, all screens/devices, retail/ POS corporate environments, and sponsorship and have acted as the brand guardian to support other agencies working with the new brand.

The strategic partnership has focused on how Swisscom can engage with customers in new and innovative ways. Sports and especially snow sports are an integral part of Swiss culture. This is mirrored at Swisscom who are the proud longstanding sponsor of the Swiss national ski team. We continue to create experiences to bring to life the idea that Swisscom are a snow companion both in the slopes and at events.

These experiences span everything from sponsorship experiences to an online social community for snow sports through to an internal Olympics event to engage internal audiences.

Since the re-brand market share, customer satisfaction and customer retention have all risen significantly. In 2008 Swisscom were able to spend 40% less on their media, while three of their main competitors spent even more than in previous years. (Source: Swisscom market research) Currently Swisscom’s market share is equal to the combined market share of all its competitors.


In 2008 Swisscom were able to spend 40% less on their media, while three of their main competitors spent even more than in previous years.

Source: Swisscom market research