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A unified design and code system that is unmistakably Swisscom

To remain relevant in the digital world, Swisscom is constantly developing digital experiences for its customers. But an uncoordinated approach in a company of this size and complexity had led to an accumulation of products and services which customers found fragmented and inconsistent. 

Swisscom Digital Experience (SDX) – the unified design and code system that Moving Brands created – delivered improved company-wide collaboration, lower costs, faster development time and consistently high quality user experiences that every customer could recognise as unmistakably Swisscom.

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With the SDX assets and code Moving Brands gave us, what would have taken 6 months to develop now takes six weeks

Olaf Geuer
Head of Brand and Strategy, Swisscom

Eliminate inconsistencies, increase efficiencies
Creating products and services from scratch for each part of the business meant that valuable time was wasted on making components that other projects had already developed. Our task was to eliminate the inconsistencies that had accrued and to increase the efficiencies of developers’ workflows.

Create, deploy, learn and iterate
We worked with Swisscom’s digital team in short-burst sprints over two years. Developed alongside live projects, we were able to create, deploy, learn and iterate each component of the toolkit – including type, grid, baseline, colours and icons – in a real user context.

The result – SDX – is a framework for principles, detailed product resources and fundamental styles. We designed it to grow over time and remain iterative, creating a living style guide that remains open to evolution.


Unmistakably Swisscom
Three groups that had previously worked in Swisscom silos – designers, marketeers and engineers – are now aligned through their shared access to the code and design guidelines for every digital component. Product teams can easily communicate and exchange information, helping them to get things done, signed off and sent to market quicker. For customers, SDX ensures that every interaction is experienced as consistent, smooth and unmistakably Swisscom.

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