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An identity fit for the future of home building

TopHat is a UK business that uses pioneering technology to solve the country’s housing crisis by delivering affordable homes that are bespoke, high quality, with market-leading standards of design and spec. Moving Brands created every component of its identity.

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‘Healthy homes where everything works’
TopHat provides everyone involved in development the ability to design (as we articulated it) ‘healthy homes where everything works’. Its technology-led platform liberates homebuyers and construction professionals to configure their own developments, from design right through to delivery. 


‘We don’t cut corners — we precision engineer’
Working closely with TopHat’s founders and directors, we shared creative working sessions to establish the brand’s core principles of ‘certainty’, ‘design’ and ‘quality’. Our eight weeks’ work began with writing the purpose story, which opens with a bold encapsulation of why TopHat exists: ‘Fundamental to human happiness is a place to live. So we build homes’ 

The identity needed to convey the accuracy and detailed refinement of TopHat engineering and architecture, which is echoed in the way the logo brings together the two Ts of its wordmark to form an elegantly subtle H.


‘People at the core of every detail’
To give TopHat clear differentiation from its competitors, we took an opposite approach to images of idealised domestic interiors that are soulless and synthetic. We developed a visual language that conveys an authentic sense of ‘home’, with people in the forefront in houses that look lived in.


‘Changing perceptions of what housing is’ 
With an identity that expresses its position as the industry leader in the UK digital construction sector, TopHat started production at its Derbyshire manufacturing facility in early 2018, welcomed residents to its first site in Chatham, Kent in 2019, and announced the closing of a £75m capital investment by Goldman Sachs.