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Re-inventing how people experience a supply chain 
at a time of great change

Consumer goods giant Unilever is committed to a seismic shift from being a product-centric to an experience-centric organisation. As one of its most recognised brands, Hellmann’s ran a number of internal innovation workshops to understand what smart and connected brand experiences might look like. 

We were asked to explore how technologies could revolutionise the way consumers interact with the Hellmann’s supply chain, by introducing more transparency, variety and information about its operations and products.

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From sketches to concepts

Our ideas needed to evolve from rough sketches to a tangible set of concepts that people could embrace, make happen and work on together as multidisciplinary teams.

We worked as a single team out of our London and San Francisco studios, with Hellmann’s brand managers and supply chain officers across the UK, Brazil and the Netherlands.

What sparked our ideas were explorations into how Hellmann's products could best utilise available produce to support sustainability.  So, for instance, we investigated tools for teams to predict seasonal ingredients to reduce waste and to promote local produce and production. 

Spaces, tools, communications and packaging

We created an illustrated atlas of the Hellmann’s supply chain, which re-imagined how teams, spaces and tools could revolutionise Hellmann’s products and operations. We developed a series of proposals for how experimental and smart spaces, interactive tools, re-designed communications and packaging that tells new stories could all work together to re-invent how the supply chain is experienced. Each proposal came with a value driver for both internal teams and customers, and was captured in a series of posters designed to inspire the wider Hellmann’s teams about future opportunities and initiatives.