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An emotionally resonant and credible finance brand for the everyday consumer

ValuePenguin knows that financial decisions are complicated and often overwhelming. That’s why it focuses on providing high quality online reviews, guides and interactive tools to help people make the most well informed decisions about all aspects of their financial matters.

Among the increasing number of competing finance websites, ValuePenguin realised its existing identity lacked emotional resonance and was not doing justice to the wealth of data and analysis inherent in its business and products. We created a new brand to convey credibility and authority, reiterating ValuePenguin's role as an informed partner for people as they navigate complex financial decisions.

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A meaningful story centred on action, trust and value

We began our rebrand by defining a new story that emphasised ValuePenguin's active role in guiding people to make decisions for their financial wellbeing and ultimately, happiness.

This strong strategic foundation was matched by an emblem of credibility and sophistication. Designed to thrive in Value Penguin's own digital properties, it also provides valuable recognition as a trusted source of financial data and analysis to notable news sites and publications such as Bloomberg, Businessweek and Yahoo Finance.

Creating immediate digital impact

We quickly extended the core brand identity system into the website, through key page designs. Common design principles and visual structures brought consistency, coherency and recognition to the site, unifying varied content categories from Credit Cards to Insurance and Loans.


Bringing life to data and decisions

A rich and distinct palette of colours was designed to highlight data and information given its central importance in adding value for customers. This vibrant approach to tools, charts and information helps users understand the data that matters to them and navigate it with interest and ease.