• Virgin

A global team of thousands, unified by a shared purpose

Virgin has experienced exceptional growth, amassing over 400 decentralised franchises, in more than 50 countries, in sectors as diverse as mobile telephony, travel, financial services, leisure, music, holidays and health. This has happened with no simple way of communicating, sharing and embedding the essential idea that drives the business forward. The consequence has been thousands of franchise owners, their employees and their agencies left to interpret for themselves what Virgin stands for, which has fragmented and weakened the brand. 

Moving Brands was asked to define Virgin’s brand purpose with a simple clarity that would maintain brand strength and future-proof the business. We distilled the inputs of over 150 global Virgin employees to uncover a common truth. It needed to convey Virgin’s willingness to approach a business from a new angle, to dedicate itself to its customers – and to have ongoing positive impact. We refined and refined until we had the nine words that express the Virgin Way:

“Don’t just play the game, Change it for good” 

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