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  • World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
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A movement for any and every girl

For over a hundred years the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts has been the only global volunteer-led movement dedicated to any and every girl. WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), is its central body.

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After partnering with the movement to strategically review and define its purpose and value proposition, we began work on a new brand system that would better reflect the breadth and energy of the girls’ groups they existed to support.



It is a critical time in WAGGGS hundred-year history. Motivated to modernise its offer to better support its member organisations, in order to provide more safe spaces to even more girls, WAGGGS came to Moving Brands to develop a vibrant brand with a clear purpose.

Working with its worldwide volunteers and leaders,
we defined the role of WAGGGS and the purpose of the Movement.

Spending time with WAGGGS also helped us to define the approach to the visual identity. The Movement has an illustrious heritage that is bound up in the Trefoil. The symbol has come to represent the strong bond that is felt by Member Organisations, volunteers and the girls that attend weekly pack meets across the world. Acknowledging the strength of feeling that the Trefoil elicits, we retained the symbol as it stands, choosing instead to radically transform the system around it.

The identity needed to represent its member organisations globally, from sub-saharan Africa to Silicon Valley. A flexible system ensures that no matter the constraints on production, the visual identity will always be fit for purpose.

The colour palette was refreshed and augmented to reflect the youthful exuberance of the girls who make up the core of the Movement. A series of patterns — built using elements of the trefoil — enable the identity to be adapted and expressed differently in different regions. A bold typographic approach, together with a series of simple illustrations, help to tell stories of the journeys girls take through the Movement and beyond.

The result is a bold, youthful brand that reflects the Movement’s enduring role in creating connected generations of girls with the skills and attitude to transform their communities and the world. The brand was launched to its global member organisations in October 2016.