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Bringing design automation to a vast product portfolio

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) is a leading global financial services company that designs and delivers solutions to help clients manage risk, optimise benefits, cultivate talent and expand the power of capital for institutions and individuals. Following the merger of Willis and Towers Watson wanted to the first in the industry to integrate its lines of business into a single cohesive product offer. Moving Brands worked with WTW to refine the product architecture and then create a system of icons to communicate these products. The work needed to reflect the new brand identity and be able stand the test of time. It uses a unique and innovative approach that automates the design production process, thereby creating efficiencies and ensuring consistent quality.


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Born from the core DNA of the WTW brand 
We developed an approach that stemmed from the underlying modularity of the new logo. This distinct look and feel was chosen to reinforce the brand's proposition; unlocking the code for clients and partners.



Transitioning existing products and guiding the creation of new metaphors
The system needed to not only unify an existing, extensive product set (70+ unique products), but also guide the creation of new icons for products and services as they were launched. We developed a briefing template for teams across the business to tell us about individual products, their unique propositions and functionalities. These helped us develop guidance for creating new metaphors for each icon.

Automating the design workflow - saving hours of work
The implementation of each icon requires a considerable amount of artwork mastering, from 16px favicons to large scale expressive graphics. To streamline production, we developed a software script that could automate the creation of the multiple assets from a single master drawing, vastly reducing the manual effort of artworking from hours to minutes.


Documenting tools, principles and guidance
A toolkit of templates, guidance and the automated software script were shared with product teams. This ensures coherence, recognition and quality across the entire existing and future suite of products and services.


From browser to brochure and beyond
Since establishing the icon system, we have produced symbols for over 80 WTW products and services, reinforcing the continued recognition and growth of the brand in the market.