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The most compelling digital destination for young, affluent wine lovers.

Wine Access is the world’s largest, premium, direct-to-consumer, wine network and retailer. Moving Brands helped the brand reach a vital new audience and increase revenues by 50%, within four weeks of launch.

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Making Millenials feel at home
Research conducted by Wine Access had revealed millennials comprise 47% of the US wine market, larger than any other group. Millennials want the same from a wine supplier as they do from other retailers – rewarding experiences and a strong emotional connection. But Wine Access were not reaching this important group of customers. The objective of the partnership with Moving Brands was to reposition the brand and become the destination of choice for this younger demographic.


Understanding today, defining tomorrow for Henry
By understanding Wine Access’ existing brand, positioning, competitors, business goals and challenges we ensured we could build on their success.

For optimal growth, the brand needed to appeal to the next generation of affluent customers. We researched and mapped out the behaviors and affiliations of this demographic to inform our work on customer personas.

Moving Brands understands this group innately, thanks to our deep experience in the luxury fashion and premium technology spaces. The specific audience is a blend of Gen X and Millennials, we christened this group 'Henrys'. They are high-earners, but with different spending habits to their older baby boomer counterparts. 'Henrys' crave access and discovery without the burden of ownership. They want the businesses with whom they shop to be digitally savvy and they seek high quality products and experiences.

Using this research and insight, the Wine Access leadership team worked closely with Moving Brands consultants and creatives to define business goals. The priorities were clear: not only increase member acquisition and attract the new and younger audience of 'Henrys', but also increase engagement and loyalty from existing customers.


Purpose drives preference
For this target group and following generations, purpose and culture play a major role in brand preference. We articulated the purpose of the business through the brand story ‘Beyond Extraordinary’.


A place to learn, enjoy and acquire
A central pillar of our strategy was to bring wine, winemakers and a new generation of wine lovers together in one place. This destination needed to attract a younger, design-savvy audience who have high expectations of the experiences they will be able to enjoy.

The Digital Product Designers at Moving Brands set themselves the goal of enhancing every aspect of the experience. This started with a deep analysis of the existing digital properties which then served as input to the new experience design strategy. 

The new platform re-imagined the wine-buying experience. Moving Brands wrote powerful messages, organised into a framework, that could be executed by the Wine Access team. Heroes of winemaking were introduced using beautiful video footage. The stock was presented in ways that guided a newcomer through the complex world of wine.



Uncompromising quality meets digital imagination
A new premium brand identity system was built from the ground up. Typical of Moving Brands' work, it's designed to evolve and flex – in other words, it's built for the moving world and can flourish in new channels and touchpoints.

The wordmark is designed to be reminiscent of a traditional stamp of approval. Marques like this are commonly found on high-end wines and the symbolism connotes quality and authority. Whilst the logo has a strong feeling of heritage, it is designed to work perfectly in demanding digital contexts. This contemporary design was carefully combined with traditional materials in the stationery set.

A unique illustrative approach was designed to describe wines and allow people to visualise tasting notes and see suggested food pairings.

Packaging was designed with sustainability in mind and reflects the premium positioning of the brand. A Wine Access package should sit perfectly with deliveries from other high-end brands.


Helping the marketing and design team produce great content in real-time
Moving Brands packaged up all of the work – strategy, assets and tools in a simple-to-use digital brand centre. This is accessible anywhere, anytime. Find out more about Ark here


Revenues are way up. Let's drink to that
Within four weeks of launch, revenues increased by 50%.
The average customer age dropped by 10% and engagement has increased by 25% from the largest customer segment on the store.