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Finding a name of true distinction in a crowded sector

Funded by government and industry, Meridian Mobility is tasked with making the UK a global centre for Connected & Automated Mobility (CAM). The sector, predicted to be worth £904 billion by 2035, is crowded with players. Meridian, with its generic visual identity and a name shared with scores of organisations - ranging from a recruitment agency to a TV channel - was struggling to be noticed.

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Standout and ownable
Meridian’s Director of Marketing and Communications approached us to deliver ‘a standout, ownable identity’, consisting of a new name and brandmark. Given a tight deadline and the constraints of a part-publically funded client, we worked swiftly and closely with the Meridian core team. We came together in two weekly workshops, which completed the entire project.

The MB name filtration process
In the first stage, we generated words and ideas suggested by key themes we’d previously identified by researching Meridian’s communication materials. We also generated words suggested by Meridian’s audiences, USP, tone and industry. We then voted for those that resonated most strongly, before noting any significant provisos when considering names, such as no acronyms, or any references to automotive, autonomous or electric.

What followed was an intense week of thinking time - creating a long list of names which we refined to a final ten, using our filtration process. This analyses each name according to its type (such as experiential and evocative), its feel (based on our definition of Meridian’s personality - courageous, open, approachable and credible) and which of Meridian’s brand values (collaborative, focussed and insightful) it expresses. Finally, each name was scored for its relevance, meaningfulness, memorability and manageability.

‘To the power of’
Of the three names we recommended, the Meridian team chose Zenzic, a highly unusual word that means the mathematical ‘to the power of’ - expressing the organisation’s central role as a catalyst for innovation. 

A distinct brandmark for a distinct name
We concluded our collaboration by designing a brandmark, distinguished with the confidence and precision which express the movement and innovation inherent in CAM technology. The modular letterforms convey progress and efficiency, highlighting Zenzic’s role as a global catalyst for CAM. The symbol contains a subtle ‘Z’, with the two equal triangle forms representing the mathematical meaning of Zenzic (‘to the power of’).

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“Working with Moving Brands was reassuring from the start. We are confident that our new name and identity will give us far greater cut-through in the rapidly developing self-driving revolution.”

Nick O’Connor,
Marketing Director, Zenzic